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Orthopaedic Physiotherapy

Orthopaedic physiotherapy involves assessment and treatment of the nervous system and musculoskeletal system and its complex interactions. Your treatment may involve manual therapy, exercise, relaxation techniques, and acupuncture. The goal of your treatment is to address not only your symptoms, but also the source of your problem. When this system is not functioning appropriately it can lead to pain, weakness, and dysfunction.     


60 min appointment



45 min appointment


  • Spine column with nerve roots

    Neuromuscular dysfunction

    • Arthritis & joint pain
    • Osteoporosis & sarcopenia (decreased muscle mass)
    • Low back pain & sciatica
    • Fractures
    • Core dysfunction
    • Tendinopathies
    • Nerve compression/dysfunction
    • Fibromyalgia & other persistent pain conditions
  • Older women with two canes

    OHIP Post-Operative Hip & Knee Replacement

    We are thrilled to announce we are accepting post-op patients who have undergone hip or knee joint replacement surgery at the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance or Windsor Regional Hospital! You will receive one-on-one care with our physiotherapist, along with an individualized home exercise program. And it’s all covered through OHIP! 

    Give us a call or book online to reserve your appointment!