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Classes & Workshops

Please check out the classes we are currently offering below! We are always creating new and exciting workshops and classes to better service our patients and people of Chatham-Kent.


60 min appointment



60 min appointment


GentleParenting (4-Week Class)

60 min appointment


MamaVillage (6-weeks)

60 min appointment


Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)

120 min appointment


  • Pelvic floor muscles

    Mindful Birth

    Together CKDoulas & Grecia, our founder & pelvic health physiotherapist, have created Mindful Birth to address topics that may not be covered in your typical prenatal education class. In our Mindful Birth class you will learn:

    • The physiology of labour & birth
    • How the nervous system is involved in labour & birth
    • Pain management & coping strategies
    • Pushing strategies that protect your pelvic floor
    • Your birth preferences & choices
    • How to create a supportive & safe birthing environment
    • Explore what Plan A, B, C and D might look like for you
    • How to communicate your thoughts and opinions with your birth team

    Everything we cover in this class is evidence-based and largely influenced by the clinical practice guidelines from the Society of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists of Canada. Our class engages in an informed-choice approach, where there is no judgement on the choices you make. Just knowledge. We want you to be aware & understand your options as you embark on your birth journey!

    This program is largely designed through a pelvic health physiotherapy approach, where 75% of the cost of this class can be covered by your physiotherapy benefits

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  • MamaStroll

    This 6-week class offers mamas the opportunity to engage in low-impact exercises designed with the postpartum mama in mind. Our aim to get create a wonderful community for mamas while getting some fun movement in. This class is led by our amazing Doula, Katrina E. We recommend this class for mamas who are at least 3 months postnatal or have been seen by a pelvic health physiotherapist. This class will include:

    • Chat with our Pelvic Health Physiotherapist
      Diastasis recti screening
      Low-impact workout for all levels
      & a community of mamas to share this experience with!

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  • GentleParenting

    As mamas, we all understand how challenging it can be to remain calm with our children. Struggling to parent “by the book”, comparing ourselves to others and feeling the overwhelming sense of “mom guilt.” Is this you? This is the class you need! Join us while we explore ways to connect with your children on a deeper level as they learn to navigate life and you learn to navigate the journey of parenthood. This fun, practical class will teach you techniques and tools to make the most of challenging days and limited sleep while understanding little big feelings. Our children rely on us to love them, teach them and accept them. This 4 week VIRTUAL program will be interactive and in a group setting and facilitated by our wonderful Doula, Katrina.

    Please note it is not necessary to have any experience with self-hypnosis, relaxation or meditation in order to join and benefit from this class. All you need is the desire to remain calm. Classes are designed for all types of mamas – whether you’re pregnant and expecting your first baby, or you already have a baby or toddler, or preschooler.

    To sign up for our class, please click here.

  • MamaCore

    This class offers mamas the opportunity to engage in low-impact core movement designed with motherhood in mind. As Brittany likes to say, “We should never ‘bounce back’ into fitness after having a baby, we should ease into it with intention.” Our aim is to bring mamas together in community and movement. Not only for their physical health but mental health too!

    We recommend this class for mamas who are at least 12 weeks postnatal or have been seen by a pelvic health physiotherapist.

    All mamas in this class will be a part of our exclusive online community, where you will have access to our pre- & postnatal clinicians to ask any and all your questions!

    This class will be led by our amazing Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness Specialist & Personal Trainer, Brittany, who has received specialized training in prenatal and postnatal pelvic health exercise

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  • MamaVillage

    MamaVillage is a safe space for mamas to gather to learn and grow. Our 6-week sessions will be facilitated by Ainslie, one of our amazing Doulas from CKDoulas, where each week will focus on a topic to relevant to motherhood. This space is a safe and non-judgemental environment where mamas can explore their thoughts and feelings and learn from one another through discussion. If you are looking to make new connections with mamas in our community then this group is for you! Remember mamas, it takes a village!

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  • C-section scar

    Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)

    Have you ever heard the common statement “once a cesarean, always a cesarean”? This is a huge misnomer. Women all over the world achieve vaginal births after cesarean each and every day. You can too! During this workshop, you will receive an abundance of information on VBAC, risks, options and tools you can use to optimize your chances of having a positive birth experience while attempting to VBAC. We will dive deep into the “whys” and learn how to advocate for yourself and make informed/safe decisions. By the end of this workshop, you will feel more confident in your choice to attempt a vaginal birth after cesarean. This course is also great for partners who maybe feel uneasy on your decision. VBAC for majority of women is a safe and successful way to birth.

    *duration of this workshop is based on level of involvement of group, typically 1-2hours. You will be provided with a PDF of worksheets to print off for workshop use*

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